Classroom Party Meal Deal

Let Sonic help make your next classroom party SUPERSONIC!

Consider the Classroom Party MEAL DEAL which includes 1 corn dog and 1 small order of tots for $2 each! Must provide a 2 week notice and all Classroom Party Meal Deals are available for pick up only. Payment is collected at pick up. There is a minimum order of 20. Meals DO NOT come individually packaged and there is NO drink included.


Group Meal and Drink Deals

We have many options to help feed your large group.  We have  GROUP DRINK ORDERS, INDIVIDUAL MEALS, CATERING STYLE and INDIVIDUAL ITEMS available to you.  We do ask that you give a 2 week notice and be available to pick up with a minimum order of 20.  Finally, payment is made via credit card on the day you pick up your order.