Do you need to order business cards?  If so, please fill out the Online Order From.  It will take approximately 3 weeks from the time you place your order until your cards arrive at the office.  The standard number ordered is 500 and costs around $25-$30.  If you want a different amount, please indicate that on the form and the Marketing Director will email you the cost.


Help make your employees feel valued!  We offer 2 great options!

1.  Employee Birthday Certificates- These certificates are for celebrating your employees on their birthday.  Each certificate includes a FREE Combo Meal.  There is space on the certificate for all your employees to sign or for you or your manager to write a little note.  Order as many as you would like.  The expiration date will be December of the current year.  

2. Employee of the Month Goodies Bags- We will provide up to 1 bag per store per month for you to honor an employee that has been exceptional.  The goodie bags include around 4-5 different Sonic Swag items such as a hat, notebook, drinkware, frisbee, etc.  Each bag also includes an Employee of the Month pin.  Please allow 2 weeks from the time you order until the time your bags are ready for pick up.  You can order up to 3 bags at one time.  


We have a variety of On Lot Signage options for you!  Before you order, determine how many you will need and get the dimensions and material type (if applicable) of the sign you are reuquesting.  Some items will be in stock and available quickly, while others (with specific dimensions to your store) will have to be custom ordered and can take up to 2-4 weeks to arrive.  Here is a list of what is currently offered: 

1.  “Press the Red Button” POP Screen Cling

2. Ice Window Cling

3. Morning Drink Stop (large and small) Window Cling Replacement

4. “Your Phone is Your Kiosk” Window Cling Replacement

5. “Sonic Delivers” Window Cling Replacemnt

6. Red with Sonic Logo Door Cling

7. “Please Pull Forward” Window Cling

8. “Now Accepting Applications” Yard Sign and Bag Stuffers

9. Business Hours Vinyl Sticker for your door

10.  Custom Request- For any other on lot sign you may need